Quality Assurance Office

Quality Assurance

  1. The regulation of Quality Assurance Office
  2. Internal and external mechanisms of education quality assessment
  3. Development, implementation and assessment system of Bachelor Degree Program, Master Degree Program, and Single-Cycle Educational Program.

The Bologna Process

On 19 June 1999 Ministers responsible for Higher Education of 29 European countries signed the Bologna declaration in Italian city of Bologna. The signatory countries expressed readiness in the formation of the European higher education area.

Currently 46 countries participate in the Bologna Process. Georgia joined the Bologna in 2005 at the Bergen Summit.

Main documents of the Bologna Process:

  • Bologna Declaration (1999)
  • Prague Communique (2001)
  • Berlin Communique (2003)
  • Bergen Communique (2005)
  • London Communique (2007)
  • Leuven Communique (2009)
  • Budapest-Vienna Declaration (2010)
  • Lisbon Convention (1997)
  • Sorbonne Declaration (1997)
  • Qualification Framework for Higher Education – Dublin Descriptors (2005)
  • European Standards and Guidelines in Quality Assurance (2005)