Science Foundation

Science foundation was established at the university in order to effectively implement scientific research activities/projects, improve the quality of research, and support young scientists. The Foundation is chaired by the Coordination Board, which includes the Rector of the University, the Vice-Rector for Science, the Director of the Scientific-Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, and two invited persons.
The goals of the foundation are:
– To support and finance the scientific-research activities/projects at the university;
– To ensure the involvement of young researchers in the current/future scientific-research projects;
– To prepare a new generation of scientists.

Foundation activities
The Science Foundation promotes the effective and unhindered implementation of scientific research activities at the university, the training of young scientists, planning / conducting various activities necessary for scientific work (scientific grants, joint scientific research, inviting specialists/scientists to hold lectures and seminars, supporting the participation of university staff in international conferences) and securing their funding / co-financing.

To achieve the goals and carry out its functions, the Foundation collaborates with the University faculties, scientific-research units, academic and scientific staff, the relevant structural units as well as institutions abroad.