An Open Competition is Announced for the Funding of Grant Research Projects

Scientific Foundation of the Teaching University LLC. announces an open competition for grant scientific-research projects in the field of experimental and clinical medicine, with the following conditions:

I. Grant applicant requirements

1. The right to participate in the grant competition as a scientific-research project manager has a citizen of Georgia or a foreign country, who:
A) is a young scientist with an academic degree of Doctor (or equivalent) (the degree has been conferred during the last 5 years);
B) is not an affiliate academic staff in other educational institutions;
C) is not a scientific staff of other scientific-research institutes;      

2. The duration of the project should not exceed 36 months.

3. The annual budget of the project should not exceed 50 000 GEL.

4. The project manager is obliged to represent his/her CV as well as CV of other staff involved in the project  (scientific papers, participation in conferences and in scientific grants).

5. The head of the scientific-research project must present:
A) Statement on behalf of the coordinating council of the science foundation (Application can be submitted in place or electronically on E-mail:, according to the established form, Annex 1);
B) Copy of ID document (Passport, ID card);
C) Relevant academic degree document(s) copy  (Document issued in accordance with the legislation of education and/or recognition of scientific quality obtained in a foreign country, if any);
D) Completed “Scientific-Research Project Application Form” (Annex 2).

II. Grant Recipient Requirements

1. The competition project can be implemented on the basis of the Scientific-Research institute of medicine. Equipment/Tool acquired under the project, reagents/consumables, and other project-related purchases are owned by the university upon completion of the project.

2. Within the framework of the funded project, at least two research articles based on research data should be published in international peer-reviewed and cited publications indexed in the PubMed database.

3. During the Article(s) publishing Teaching University Geomedi LLC. should be indicated as the only institution (as an exception, reference to other institutions will be allowed if the project collaborates with an educational/research institution).

4. The published scientific article should indicate that the research was conducted with the “support of the scientific foundation of the Teaching University Geomedi LLC.”

5. The intellectual property acquired under the project remains with the university.

6. The project manager should submit quarterly reports during the project, and project implementation stages in time according to the project budget.

7. The continuity of project funding will depend on the accounts submitted.

III. Criteria for evaluating a research project

1The literature reviewed in the research project is up-to-date and comprehensive0-10
2The methods used are in line with the project objectives0-10
3  They have a project manager and other staff involved in the project with the relevant experience to implement the submitted project0-10
4Practical and / or theoretical value of expected results0-10
5The project budget is realistic0-10

IV. A research project evaluated by a group of experts with a score of at least 40 points will be sent to the winner of the Science Foundation Coordination Board.
The winning project is funded and a contract is made with the project manager.

V. The coordinating council of the Science Foundation verifies compliance with the requirements of the submitted documentation. In case of incomplete submission of documents, the tender application is not subject to acceptance and registration.

VI. In case of violation of paragraph I, sub-paragraph 1, sub-paragraphs “b” and “c” before the completion of the research project, the coordinating council science foundation of the university reserves the right to terminate the funding of the research project.

VII. The competition will be announced on March 30, 2022.

VIII. The deadline for submission of the documents is from 02.04 till 13.04 2022, from 10 am to 5 pm every working day;

IX. The results of the competition will be announced on May 30, 2022.

Phone.: 599 53 06 80

Attached Files:
Annex 1
Annex 2