Library Resources Were Updated

The library resources have been updated with new electronic books:

  1. Wilson K.-Essential Office 2016.  2017.
  2. Habraken J.-Microsoft Office Inside Out (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365) 2022.
  3. Tanenbaum A.S., Herbert B.- Modern Operating Systems. 4th ed., 2015.
  4. Null L., Lobur J.-Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture. 5th ed.2019.
  5. Leonhard W.-Windows 10 All-In-One For Dummies. 3rd ed., 2018.
  6. Marieb E., Wilhelm P., Mallat J.-Human anatomy. 8th ed., 2017. 
  7. Marieb E., Brady P., Mallatt J.-Human Anatomy. 9th ed., 2020.
  8. Moore K. L, Dalley A. F., Agur A.M.R.- Clinically oriented Anatomy. 8th Ed., 2018.
  9. Mescher A.-Junqueiras Basic Histology. Text and Atlas. 15th ed., 2018.
  10. Lieberman M., Marcks A., Peet A.-Marks’ basic medical biochemistry _ a clinical approach. 4th ed., 2013.
  11. Lieberman M.,Peet A.-Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry_ A Clinical Approach. 5th Ed., 2018.
  12. Ball J.W., Dains J.E. and oth.-Seidel’s guide to physical examination. An interprofessional approach. 9th ed., 2019.
  13. Ed.: Lister S., Hofland J. and oth. – The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures Student edition. 10th ed., 2021.
  14. Ed.: Lister S., Dougherty L.- The Royal Marsden manual of Cancer Nursing Procedures. 2019.
  15. Ed.: Campo Th., Lafferty K.-Essential Procedures for Emergency, Urgent, and Primary Care Settings. A Clinical Companion. 3rd ed., 2022.
  16. Ed.: Campo T., Lafferty K.-Essential Procedures for Emergency, Urgent, and Primary Care Settings A Clinical Companion.2nd ed., 2016.
  17. Dehn R. Asprey D.-Essential Clinical Procedures. 4th ed., 2021.
  18. Snustad D.P., Simmons M.J.-Principles of Genetics, 7th ed.2016.
  19. Chang R., Overby J.-Chemistry. 14th ed., 2022.
  20. Chang R.,  Overby J.- Chemistry. 13th ed., 2019.
  21. Klein D.-Organic Chemistry, Student Solution Manual and Study Guide, 4th ed., 2021.
  22. Lieberman M., Peet A.-Marks Basic Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach. 6th ed., 2018.
  23. Ferrier D.-Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry, 7th ed., 2017.
  24. Rodwell V. and oth.-Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry. 31st ed., 2018.
  25. Sadler T.W.-Langman’s Medical Embryology.14th ed., 2019.
  26. Dudek R.W.-High-yield embryology. 5th ed., 2014.
  27. Bailey S. -Academic writing_ A Handbook for International Students. 5th ed., 2018.
  28. Bailey S.-Academic writing. A handbook for international students. 4th  ed., 2015.
  29. Moran O., Soiferman K.- A Student’s Guide to Academic Writing.2014.
  30. Logue A.-The Psychology of Eating and Drinking. 4th ed., 2015.
  31. Porter-O Grady T., Malloch K.- Quantum Leadership Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care. 5th ed., 2018.
  32. Maccoby M. and oth.-Transforming Health Care Leadership_ A Systems Guide to Improve Patient Care, Decrease Costs, and Improve Population Health.2013.
  33. Usatine R., and oth.-The Color Atlas and Synopsis of Family Medicine. 3rd ed., 2019.
  34. Rakel R., Rakel D.-Textbook of Family Medicine. 9th ed., 2016.
  35. Pruzan P.-Research Methodology The Aims, Practices and Ethics of Science. 2016.
  36. Locharoenrat K.- Research Methodologies for Beginners. 2017.
  37. Straus Sh. and oth.-Evidence-Based Medicine. How to Practice and Teach EBM. 5th ed., 2019.
  38. Katzung B.-Basic & Clinical Pharmacology. 14th  ed., 2018.
  39. Katzung B.,- Katzung & Trevor’s Pharmacology Examination and Board Review. 12th ed., 2019.
  40. Luellmann H., and oth.- Color Atlas of Pharmacology. 5th ed., 2018.
  41. Tripathi K.-Essentials of Medical Pharmacology. 8th ed., 2019.
  42. Chen H.-Illustrative Handbook of General Surgery. 2nd ed., 2016.
  43. Ryan K.J.-Sherris Medical Microbiology . 7th ed., 2018.
  44. Levinson W.-Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. 14th ed., 2016.
  45. Tortora G. and oth. – Microbiology an introduction. 13th ed., 2021.
  46. Tortora G.J., Funke B.R., Case C.L. –Microbiology. An Introduction. 12th ed., 2016.
  47. Murray P.R.-Basic Medical Microbiology. 2018.
  48. Murphy K., Weaver C. -Janeways immunobiology. 9th  ed., 2017.
  49. Delves P.-Roitt’s Essential Immunology. 13th  ed., 2017.
  50. Chan B.-Biostatistics for Epidemiology and Public Health using R. 2016.
  51. Goodman  M.-Biostatistics for clinical and public health research. 2018.
  52. Friis R. H.-Essentials of Environmental Health. 3rd ed., 2019.
  53. Ed.Wiffen PH.-OXFORD HANDBOOK OF CLINICAL PHARMACY. 3rd ed., 2017.
  54. Ropper A. and oth.-Adams and Victors principles of neurology. 11th ed., 2019.
  55. Ed.Williams N. and oth. -Bailey and Love’s Short Practice of Surgery. 27th ed., 2018.
  56. Lakhani S.R. and oth.-Basic Pathology,An introduction to the mechanisms of disease . 5th ed., 2016.
  57. Berek J.S.-Berek Novak’s Gynecology. 16th ed., 2020.
  58. Ed.: Walker B.R., Colledge N.R. and oth.-Davidsons Principles and Practice of Medicine. 22nd ed., 2014.
  59. Ed.: Ralston S., Penman I. and oth.-Davidsons Principles and Practice of Medicine. 23rd ed., 2018.
  60. DeVita V.T., Lawrence Th.S., Rosenberg S.A.-DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg’s Cancer – Principles Practice of Oncology. 11th ed., 2019.
  61. Dhingra P.L. -Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat. Head and Neck Surgery.7th ed., 2018.
  62. Giddens A.-Essential Concepts in Sociology. 2nd ed., 2017.
  63. Mettler F.A.-Essentials of Radiology. Common Indications and Interpretation. 4th ed., 2019. 
  64. European Association of Urology – Guidelines. 2019.
  65. Jameson J.L.-Harrison’s Endocrinology. 4th ed., 2017. 
  66. Longo D.L.-Harrison’s Hematology and Oncology. 3rd ed., 2017.
  67. Hauser S.-Harrison’s Neurology in Clinical Medicine. 4th ed., 2017.
  68. Kasper D. L., Fauci A. S. and oth.-Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine,. Vol. I – II, 20th Ed., 2018.
  69. Jameson J.L., Fauci A.S., Kasper D.L. and oth.- Harrison’s Manual of Medicine. 20th ed., 2020.
  70. Payne-James J., and oth.-Simpson’s Forensic Medicine, Irish Version. 2014.
  71. Ed.: Cockerham W. C. – The Wiley Blackwell companion to Medical Sociology. 2021.
  72. Benett J.E., Dolin R., Blaser M.J. – Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett`s principles and practice of infectious Dideases. 9th ed., 2020.
  73. Spickett G.- Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy. 4th ed., 2020.    
  74. Townsend C. M., and oth.- Sabiston textbook of surgery. The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice. 21st ed., 2022.    
  75. Brunicardi F.CH. – Schwartz`s principles of Surgery. Vol 1. 11th ed., 2019.
  76. Macionis J. J. – Sociology. 16th ed., 2018.
  77. Ed.: Yao Fun-Sun F. – Yao & Artusio’s Anasthesiology. Problem-Oriented patient management. 9th ed., 2021.
  78. Kumar V., Abbas A.K. and oth.- Robbins Basic Pathology. 10th ed., 2018.
  79. Reynard J., Brewster S., and oth. – Oxford handbook of urology. 4th ed., 2019.
  80. Cuccurullo  S.- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review. 4th ed., 2020.
  81. Clunie G., Wilkinson N. and oth.- Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology. 4th ed., 2018.
  82. Gasco J., Nader R.- The Essentials Neurosurgery Companion. 2013.
  83. Desena R. A.- Atlas of Endoscopic Neurosurgery of the Third Ventricle. 2017.