The book “Georgian Language for Medical Faculty Students”

The book “Georgian Language for Medical Faculty Students” (Georgian-English Parallel Texts) was published by the University Associate Professor, Doctor of Philology Ketevan Gochitashvili, with the funding of the University Geomedi Administration. It includes the most commonly used lexical units and phrases in the medical field, with their English translation; Also, those dialogues and texts, that …


An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) took place at the Simulation Clinic of Teaching University Geomedi, thus assisting students to reveal their clinical skills and knowledge necessary for further professional activity.  

Excursion to Dashbashi Canyon


On october 20, 2018, an excursion to Dashbashi was organized by the University Geomedi student self-government with the support of its administration, where international students were able to visit Dashbashi sightseeing. The aim of the event was to introduce the historical and cultural monuments of the country and promote the establishment of close relations between …