Employment / Internship Opportunity

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On the initiative of the student relations service, an informational meeting was held with the representatives of the “Rustavi Central Hospital” affiliated clinic of Geomed University in order to promote graduation and students’ employment and internships.

As a result of the mentioned meeting, new employment and internship opportunities for graduates and students were planned.

The director of Rustavi Central Hospital, personnel management service, and student relations service were involved in the meetings.

The hospital is interested in increasing students’ motivation for internships and the possibility of further employment.

The internship includes short-term practical training, which is planned for the months of July-August 2024.

Alexander Sisvelashvili, representative of Rustavi Central Hospital, will hold informational meetings for interested parties on June 25-26 of this year. If you are interested, please contact the University Student Relations Office at the following email address: ekaterine.buadze@geomedi.edu.ge

Informative meetings with the representatives of “Evex Hospitals” were held to seek employment and internship opportunities as nurses for students. 

Info-sharing meetings were held with  Tamar Dausi, Nursing Development Coordinator, Nino Shaduri, Head of Personnel Administration and Organizational Development Department, Tamar Kazalikashvili, Head of the HR Department, and Teona Edzgveradze, Recruiter.

“Evex Hospitals” comprises 18 hospitals throughout Georgia, including the Caucasus Medical Center in Tbilisi, Ivane Bokeria University Hospital, and M. Iashvili Central Children’s Hospital “,” I. Tsitsishvili Children’s Clinic, “Traumatology Hospital” and “Caraps Medline”.

“Evex Hospitals” employs approximately 25% of the nurses operating in Georgia. The company aims to increase this number by employing motivated students and promoting their development.  With this purpose, the company is announcing a large-scale employment campaign for students who want to master the practicing nursing profession and have a successful career in this field.  If necessary, they provide short-term and practical training for future nurses.

Representatives of “Evex Hospitals” are happy to answer any of the questions during the meeting and share detailed information on the following issues:

  • Employment possibilities  in  “Evex hospitals” and throughout Georgia;
  • Recognition of nursing role  and appreciation campaign;
  • Continuous opportunities for professional development;
  • Evidence and practice-based continuing education ;
  • The promotion-focused approach in the company;
  • Training in service and communication;
  • Financial incentive scheme and stable remuneration
  • Benefits package for employed nurses.

“Evex Hospitals” has trained over 5,000 nurses over the years with customized nursing programs. Trainings are constantly planned for the employed nurses according to their needs, for example, Covid management, narrow specialization trainings, service +, etc. The company is focused on recognizing the role of the nurse, the satisfaction of the employed nurses and patients, for which it has been creating new programs over the years and responding to market challenges.

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If you are interested, please contact the University Student Relations Office at the following e-mail address: merab.merabishvili@geomedi.edu.ge