Implemented and Current Research

  • The Role of hyperhomocysteinemia in the pathogenesis of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss in the patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Effect of Potamogeton pectinatus protein fractions on tetrachloromethane damaged hepatocytes in mice
  • Study of medicines available in the Georgian pharmaceutical market using spectrophotometric method
  • Effect of polyphenols extracted from endemic plants of Georgia, on tetrachloromethane -damaged liver tissue in mice
  • Hazardous toxic heavy metals and related issues
  • The prevalence of dental caries in adults in Tbilisi
  • The impact of word of mouth communication on university choice: an empirical study of students’ perspective
  • The roles of hedonistic, utilitarian incentives and government policies affecting customer attitudes and purchase intention towards green products
  • Online Learning of Students with Special Needs: Teachers’ Perspectives
  • General theoretical, global and sectoral understanding of competition research, using the example of healthcare
  • The use of extreme management by the healthcare system during pandemic
  • Obstacles related to the integration of people with disabilities into Georgian society

Report on research activities