Student Self-Government

Student Self-Government is the student’s representative entity at the university. It is an independent organization, which greatly contributes to the diversity of student life. Its main goals are to protect students’ legal rights and interests, to organize student cultural and sporting events; to hold cognitive, entertaining, and intellectual events in the university and ensuring student involvement in them. The goals, rights, structure and other important issues of student self-government are written out in the Regulation of Student Self-Government.

  • President of Student Self-Government – Catherine-Madonna Bouadze
  • Vice Presidents – Vinay Arya, Shifaz Ahmed
  • Chair of the Faculty of Medicine – Abhi Paresh Shah
  • Chair of the Faculty of Dentistry – Eleonora Orujovi
  • Chair of the Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Lina Tabaghua
  • Chair of the Faculty of Healthcare Economics and Management – Genadi Botchoidze

Contact Information
President of Self-Government – Catherine-Madonna Bouadze