Student Guide

For academic, administrative, ethical and everyday issues students can contact the University’s Student Services Center, where qualified specialists will consult them in Georgian and English languages. Here, students can receive information about student rights, responsibilities, code of ethics, educational process, scientific conferences, various projects or events.

System of Management of Educational Process
System of Management of Educational Process provides an electronic link between the administration, academic staff and the students at the university. The system allows you to view personal data, evaluation, educational programs, timetables, assignments, access to university e-library resources, etc. Students can use this system both at home or at the university with personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones that are connected to the Internet.

The right to mobility is granted to the student one year after studying on a relevant higher education level. The teaching period does not include the time during which the student’s status was suspended. Mobility is allowed twice a year – in the fall and spring semesters, within the deadline set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Mobility Rules and Procedures.Once a student has obtained the right to mobility from the education management information system, he / she must apply to the university within the timeframe set by the ministry. Otherwise, the student loses the right to enroll in the relevant faculty or educational program.

Internal Mobility
Internal mobility implies a student’s change of educational program within the university. It is implemented twice a year after the completion of the semester and the deadline is defined by the Decree issued by Rector. The information concerning internal mobility terms and procedures will be posted on the University website. When moving to another educational program within internal mobility, student’s tuition fee for the program chosen for mobility is determined by the current rate for the student’s enrollment period at the university.