For International Students

How to apply:

To facilitate entrants/masters’ candidates and student mobility, study at Teaching University Geomedi LLC without passing the Unified National Examinations/General Master Examinations is allowed under the rules and within the timeframe established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports for the following: 

  1. High-school graduates, citizens of foreign countries or without citizenship who received complete general education or its equivalent abroad;
  2. Master’s candidates who have obtained an academic degree of higher education in a foreign country;
  3. Citizens of Georgia, who obtained complete general education or its equivalent abroad over the past 2 years;
  4. Citizens of foreign countries, who studied/are currently studying and have obtained credits/qualifications at Bachelor’s/Master’s Programme abroad in higher educational institutions recognized by the legislation of the host countries;
  5. Citizens of Georgia, who are studying or studied abroad for the period (except for students participating in the Joint Higher Education Program and students participating in the Exchange Education Program), as it is defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (living abroad considers living in a foreign country at least for 75 days within one semester) and have obtained credits/qualification at Bachelor’s/Master’s Programme abroad in higher educational institutions recognized by the legislation of the host countries;
  6. Master’s candidates who have been enrolled in a higher education institution without passing the Unified National Examinations as established by Paragraph 3 of Article 52 of the Law of Georgia “on Higher Education”;
  7. Citizens of foreign countries, who gained the right to continue their study at Georgian higher educational institutions before the entry into force of the law of Georgia “On Higher Education”, and have state-recognized document issued in Georgia, certifying higher education; 

See Regulatory Rule for Academic Process, Article 2

The candidate must present:

  • Application
  • A notarized copy of a document proving citizenship
  • A notarized document of complete general education or its equivalent
  •  Photo size 3×4 (electronically or on CD)
  • In the case of a trustee, a notarized power of attorney
  • An application of a person with no citizenship should be enclosed with a copy of the residence card instead of the document certifying the citizenship

 Proof of Proficiency in English

An entrant willing to gain the right to study at the English language educational Programme must have successfully passed an interview (oral English exam). The video record of the interview will be available for the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Georgia.

 For the interview, please contact us on SKYPE: Teaching University Geomedi LLC

Note: When applying to the English language educational Programme, an entrant must submit an application to LEPL-National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (, address: Tbilisi, 1, Aleksidze str., Tel: 995 32 2 200 220, email – and submit documents for recognition and the right to study. 

 For information about Georgian visas please visit the following link of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Consular Department:

Enrollment of foreign citizens is carried out under the rules established by the legislation of Georgia.

For the attention of applicants from the Republic of India: upon the graduation from the University the graduates are eligible for the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test in the Republic of India.
International admissions office: (+995 32) 275 24 59

Why Study at Geomedi?

  • Geomedi is one of the best medical universities in Georgia that offers students modern medical education in a comfortable environment
  • The university is equipped with comfortable auditoriums, state of the art laboratories and various facilities that will serve student’s every need
  • The degree which you obtain at Geomedi is recognized all over the world
  • Faculties are staffed with Highly qualified professionals
  • Learning process is covered under Bologna Process

Welcome to Georgia

Country – Georgia
Capital – Tbilisi
Population – 4.3 million
Area – 69,700 km3 (26,911 miles3)

Location – the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.
Major language- Georgian, although English and Russian are widely spoken as well.

Georgia (საქართველო – Sak’art’velo), Situated at the strategically important crossroads where Europe meets Asia, has a unique and ancient cultural heritage, and is famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine. Georgia is an amazing cluster of cultures, religions, fascinating landscapes and ancient history. This is the country where everyone can find something to his liking – from snowy peaks to subtropical shores, from deserts to lush forests, from cities to enchanting villages. Ethnic Georgians constitute a majority of the population. The official language is Georgian (ქართული-Kartuli), one of the oldest languages in the world.

Tbilisi (თბილისი) is the capital city of the country of Georgia, lying on the banks of the Mtkvari river. The city covers an area of 726 km² (280.3 square miles) and has a population of approximately 1,345,000. Tbilisi lies in the centre of eastern Georgia, in the foothills of the Trialeti mountain range. Tbilisi is the political, economic and cultural center of Georgia. According to Georgian legends, it was founded in the 5th century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali who, while hunting, shot a pheasant which fell into a warm spring and was either boiled or healed. Either way, the king was inspired to found a city on the site, and the name of the city derives from the Georgian word tbilisi meaning “warm”. Thanks to its rich history and ethnic diversity, you can find buildings of various architectural styles in Tbilisi. There are many modern prospects and old narrow streets in the city center.

Below you can see the some of the beautiful sights of Georgia