Student Theoretical and Practical Online Conference

On December 16, 2021, Student Theoretical and Practical Online Conference on the topic: “Modern Issues in Medicine and Management” was organized by the Teaching University Geomedi. Students presented reports in the field of medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation, economics, and management. Following each presentation, a discussion was held. The Jury members evaluated the reports and determined the following winners:

I place – Nana Tevdorashvili (Faculty of Dentistry)
II place – Nino Tugushi (Faculty of Dentistry)
III place – Ia Khupatsaria (Faculty of Dentistry)
The sympathy of the Jury – Veriko Guliashvili (Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Participants were awarded certificates and the winners were awarded scholarships. All reports will be published in the university’s  Student Conference Proceedings.