The University Geomedi has recently published conference papers of the Scientific Practical Conference of Students “Problems and Achievements in Modern Medicine and Management” (held on December 15, 2017). The Conference papers are available at the Library.  


The University Geomedi has recently published Collected Scientific Works of scientists in the quarterly, international, refereed, peer-reviewed journal “Modern Issues of Medicine and Management”(2017, #4). The Journal is available at the Library.  

Disability advocacy, integration of persons with disability to society and their involvement in sports


On March 1, 2018, a seminar was held at the Teaching University Geomedi on topic “Disability advocacy, their involvement in sports and integration to society”. The seminar were attended by Paralympic Committee President Mr. Shalva Maisuradze, President of Georgian Paralympic Academy Tinatin Revazishvili, President of Georgian National Olympic Academy, Lela Aptsiauri, and Shorena Khukhua, author …